Joanne Froidevaux-Nixon, Marketing/Sales

My father previously worked in the Swiss watch industry, when in 1984, together with my mother Michèle, he founded the company and brand JACQUES FAREL.  My brother Elliot and I joined the family business 20 years ago and work side by side to help run the business.

Our passion for watches and watch-making is such that we wanted to create a timepiece that was different, not just a fashion accessory, but a watch that you can continue to look at.

With many years of watch making experience between us and together with the cooperation of our German partner Kalb, we have developed JACQUES FAREL hayfield, a collection of watches that are not only beautiful and natural with a minimalist design, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.



Elliot Froidevaux, Product development / Product design

"With JACQUES FAREL we wanted to combine natural wood together with organic leathers while keeping the design of the watch sleek and minimalist. The outcome has reinforced our vision of a pure, natural and sustainability aspect of the product as well as making it as environmentally friendly as possible. The packaging uses FSC-certified paper, without any parts of synthetic material and we use soya-based ink for printing."


Manuela Kalb, Creative Conception/Marketing

"When we worked on the development of JACQUES FAREL hayfield we wanted to move away from the idea of a watch being just a technical time instrument of time. The hayfield watch should instead be seen as a long term and sustainable companion. In today`s world ruled by digitalization and every day stress, JACQUES FAREL hayfield is a reminder of the essence of time and nature.

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