Jacques Farel hayfield - designed and made with the future in mind


is the inspiration behind the Jacques Farel hayfield collection. Led by a team of passionate and dedicated people, working side by side, has resulted in what we can proudly say a collection of watches that is as sustainable as possible, from all natural German organic eco leathers containing no environmental harmful substances, to carefully selected natural and FSC-certified wood and FSC-certified paper with soya-based ink for the packaging.

In a rapidly changing and often stressful world, we wanted to develop a collection that reminds you of nature as wonderful smells and textures through the richness of smooth wood and soft organic leathers.

You may have forgotten what the cool shade of trees feels like or the grass beneath your feet, the warm sunlight on your skin, or simply the sound of rustling leaves. With Jacques Farel hayfield:


Jacques Farel hayfield -it´s time to feel again
Abbildung der Rinde eines Walnussbaumes

For JACQUES FAREL hayfield, we have carefully selected maple and walnut wood. Both woods are FSC-certified. The FSC-sign (Forest Stewardship Council®) symbol stands for transparency and credibility worldwide. ... more


The leather straps are made from natural German Organic eco-leather.  The leather has been tanned with pure vegetable agents. The colors are free of any heavy metals and without chrome. All dyes have been certified by the International Association of Natural Textiles (IVN), the Association of Organic Agriculture and the ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation)... more

Bio-Leder in der Fabrik fuer die Herstellung der Oekolederbaender fuer JACQUES FAREL hayfield Uhren


The fiber Lyocell is produced in an ecologically sensitive process.

Lyocell fibers help to maintain the environmental balance by being integrated into natural cycle. The fibers originate from wood. The wood comes from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations....more


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