care label

Important care notice -water

All models part of the ORW series are water-resistant to 3 bar and the ORM models are waterresistant to 5 bar.
In order to protect the materials part of the strap, we recommend that you do not expose the watch to water and that you avoid wearing your watch during showering or bathing, even if this is possible according to DIN 8310 at 5 bar test pressure. Due to the nature of the leather, color rubbing may occur with perspiration. But the percentage is generally low.

Important care notice - leather

The leather is neither tanned nor coated with harmful substances. As time goes by, natural tanned leathers change their colors under the influence of light. This is a natural process. Due to the nature of the tanning and the absence of industrial coating substances, color rubbing can occur on textiles or other materials, when leather is humid or wet. Natural leather can be cleaned if it has dust and/ or dirt using a soft, dry or damp cloth. As the leather is more breathable (it does not contain industrial chemical coating), moisture and dirt can penetrate the strap. Stains can only be prevented with careful handling. Stains cannot be removed. Once the leather is wet, you should let your strap air dry slowly and naturally. Never place on a heater or oven! Sharp-edged objects can damage / scratch the surface of the leather and should be avoided. Such damage remains permanently visible. But showing its characteristics is also what makes it one-of-a-kind.

Important care notice - lyocell

To preserve the characteristics of your strap, you should only wash your strap if absolutely necessary.
You should now and then brush off any dust from your strap. This can be done with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth.
Dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. Please use clean water or just a small amount of mild detergent, never use bleach or softener to clean your strap . The water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C.
Please then let your strap dry naturally in a moderately warm, well-ventilated place. Never put on a heater or in an oven!
Avoid damaging the surface of your strap with sharp-edged objects. Such damages will remain permanently visible.

Important care notice - wood

To help protect the wood of the watch (breakage/cracks), the wood has been coated with a clear varnish. This also gives the wood a beautiful shine. This clear coating meets EU REACH regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals). This clear coating protection is far more reliable than wax as wax needs regular maintenance to protect the wood permanently. This is not necessary for your watch.

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